April 19, 2021

Outsourced System

Fully Outsourced Salary Packaging System

This system is designed for organisations who wish to completely outsource their salary packaging function to an expert external provider. This is often done by organisations to improve and increase the salary packaging options available to employees and ensure FBT compliance for the organisation.

By outsourcing the salary packaging system organisations also reduce the amount of resources used by the organisation internally ensuring staff can focus on their core activities and not waste valuable resources on administrative functions.

To see what benefits Employees can take advantage of through the Outsourced Salary Packaging System please click here.

Community Salary Packaging takes care of the salary packaging setup arrangements, employee enquiries, ongoing reporting and benefit payments for the organisation.

We also provide online access to help staff keep track of their salary packaging arrangements as well as provide support for staff through salary packaging calculators, information manuals and training materials.

Please click the following link to make an enquiry into the Outsourced Salary Packaging system or to request a quote