January 16, 2021

Motor Vehicle Fleet Management

Simple Fleet Solutions aims to assist organisations in the non profit sector of Australia when it comes to managing their motor vehicle fleets.

Simple Fleet Solutions provides a variety of services including:

* A Fleet management software that utilises a web based application with FBT reporting, Cost Reporting, KM tracking etc.

Fuel Card Programs for fuel and vehicle related purchases from both Caltex (up to 3.5c litre discount) and Shell (up to 2.75c litre discount)

* Assistance with vehicle finance and general fleet advice.

* Pre-authorisation of servicing and maintenance is completed by qualified mechanical personnel.

* FBT Fleet Advice working closely with Community Salary Packaging to minimise FBT costs on your vehicle fleet.

For more information on any of our services please do not hesitate to contact Simple Fleet Solutions using the details below:

Phone: 1300 537 785

Email: info@simplefleet.com.au

Web: www.simplefleet.com.au