February 18, 2020

Employee Card Payments

Once your organisation has joined the program and your employee has received their card the following process occurs to make a payment onto the salary packaging card:

–   Your organisation deducts an amount to be paid onto each individual card each relevant pay period

–   On the day of payroll you pay one consolidated amount for all staff card payments to Community Salary Packaging (we will provide you account details and a reference to make with the consolidated deposit)

–   Your organisation logs into the SalaryPackagingCards.com.au Online Services and submits a payment card template which provides a breakdown of the payment so we know which cards you have made a payment for.  We will train your representative on how to complete this process when we set your organisation up in our systems.

–   Each day Community Salary Packaging reconciles all the payments received for all organisations from the day before and checks them against the employee card breakdowns submitted through online services.

–   Community Salary Packaging makes one consolidated payment each day to Westpac for all cardholder funds and provides to Westpac a remittance breakdown for all card payments for the day.

–   Overnight Westpac reconciles and batches the consolidated deposit received from Community Salary Packaging to the breakdown remittance whereby all cardholders receive credits available on their salary packaging cards.

–   Community Salary Packaging does not hold the unspent funds available to your card holders.  The funds are held by Westpac ready for use by your employees.


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