February 22, 2020

Cards Provided by Westpac

The Community Salary Packaging Card Program uses the services of Westpac to provide salary packaging cards that are secure and backed by one of Australia’s biggest banks.

Westpac has invested heavily in products for the non profit sector and built a dedicated salary packaging card product with full ATO Class Tax Rulings to ensure that non-profit organisations have the assurance of a well supported and streamlined salary packaging card product.

Community Salary Packaging is not part of Westpac, however uses the Westpac salary packaging card product to provide non profit organisations with direct access to what we consider to be the most comprehensive salary packaging card product on the market.

The Westpac cards are credit cards that use the VISA network to make payments online, over the phone and through EFTPOS point of sale systems.

Westpac provides cardholders with 24 hour access to their statements through the Westpac Live App.

Community Salary Packaging is confident that by providing non profit organisations and their employee’s access to Westpac’s salary packaging cards you will be more than happy with the result!