April 19, 2021

Card Program

Community Salary Packaging Card Program

Community Salary Packaging recognises that some organisations have the ability, capacity, system and skills to successfully run a salary packaging system in house.

As a result Community Salary Packaging makes available the ‘Community Salary Packaging Everyday Purchase Card’ and the ‘Community Salary Packaging Meal Card and Accommodation’.

The annual cost of the Salary Packaging Cards is only $52.00 (plus GST) per annum.

Some of the features of the cards include:

– Supported by Beyond Bank through the VISA Network

– Secondary cards (e.g. for spouses)

– Track the balances and transactions online or through Beyond Bank app

– Restricts Cash withdrawals to ensure all transactions result in a legitimate fringe benefit occuring

– Australian Tax Office class ruling available on the Salary Packaging Card


Eligible organisations can utilise and integrate these cards into their current salary packaging systems.

The cards free up the time of internal staff running the salary packaging system as they are alleviated from time consuming receipt reconciliations by providing controls to ensure that fringe benefits are actually provided without needing to add and reconcile every receipt.

The cards also make it easy for employees to salary package where they do not know what to include in their package. This may be due to the fact the employee does not have many fixed and regular expenses (such a loan or rental payments).

Please click the following link to learn more about the salary packaging deduction and payment process.